Scissor lifts

Load scissor lifts are designed to make loading and unloading from the ground level in the vehicle or in the store, standing at a certain height and vice versa. The scissor lift raises and lowers cargo handled together with the supporting platform (forklift truck), overcoming any difference in levels from 0 to 1300/1600 mm.

Advantages of commercial scissor lifts

  •     Stability and low-maintenance;
  •     Quality and safety;
  •     Functionality and ease of management;
  •     Various warrants and options, depending on customer needs.

The load platform is made of stainless steel with a thickness of 8 or 10 mm., depending on the load. The bottom frame is secured with additional supports at the four corners, thus ensuring maximum stability at any level of unfolding.
The platform is driven hydraulically from two cylinders. The hydraulic system is completely closed and can not be contaminated, even in exceptional circumstances.

The hydraulic system includes a valve and release pressure valve for reversal. An electro-hydraulic drive unit is mounted on the lower frame of the lift, the result of that is protection from vibrations and protected against external damage.
Management of freight scissor lifts is with two-button control panel, including the switch key.

Standard precautions

  •     loading platform from anti-slide tin;
  •     Pembroke protective support for service purposes;
  •     black/yellow markings;
  •     thermal protection for the motor;
  •     instructing symbols on the platform;
  •     safety edge

Options for load scissor lifts

  •     lip for linkage between the platform and the vehicle;
  •     color from the RAL-range;
  •     guardrail - permanent or removable;
  •     safety net;
  •     variable rate of descent;
  •     zinc coating and others.