Loading ramps

The loading ramps make reliable and secure connection between the warehouse and vehicle at the time of loading and unloading. They provide free access and movement of cargo in and out of the vehicle, regardless of:

  • distance between the store and the vehicle;
  • different levels (heights) of the warehond vehicle;
  • presence of a particular slant on board of the vehicle to the horizontal, respectively the level of the warehouse.

Advantages of the loading ramps

Easy and simple for operation;
Reliability, quality and safety;
Construction and materials are to ensure long service life and low maintenance;
Platform and board, made of high quality steel and powder coated;
The lower frame is equipped with a front safety bar to protect hydraulics or mechanics from damage.

The operation of loading ramps
The platform is driven by a main hydraulic cylinder (or two small) and the board - from a stand-alone cylinder. The hydraulic system is completely closed and could not, even under extreme circumstances, be affected by pollution.
The hydraulic unit is located under the platform itself and is fully protected from damage during the movement.

Maintenance of the loading ramps

The control of a loading ramp is done by a stationary panel on/off button.

Standard safety actions

Full hydraulic brake;
Key for emergency break;
Control for the sequence of movements (in the presence of a closed sectional door, the loading ramp will not open);
Black and yellow markings;
Protective prop for repairing maintenance;
Dashboard with symbols.


Options for loading ramps

Various designs of the substructure
ISO - construction for cold storage
Load 10 tons
Bilateral pointed board
Segmented board
Anti - slip coating
Deep galvanized platform
Stainless platform
Additional insulation
Two hydraulic cylinders
Custom color from RAL.