Repair and service

Repair of all types of automatic doors, gates, barriers, etc.

The main function of a door, nevertheless rolling, sliding or sectional is its durability and trouble free operation.
For  the smooth operation of a door are nesessary several simple conditions:

  • Be installed properly.

  • Not be exercised regarding vandalism to it.

  • Be prevented regularly.

But even if three conditions are met, inevitably comes a time when over time the damage or deformation in basic spare parts for doors (balancing mechanisms, electric motors, remote controls, etc.).. To remedy such problems, you need competent intervention from specialist in a narrow field.

Our specialized service offers:

  • Flawless prevention
  • Automation of existing gates.
  • Remedy faults and / or replacement of necessary parts and accessories
  • Warranty and post-warranty service on all delivered by the company gates, barriers and automatic systems.
  • Service and equipment purchased from other suppliers.
  • Repairing and replacement of defective components and details
  • Repairs include replacement of balancing springs, repair or replacement of electrical, automation and control systems, replacement locks, replacement of damaged sections or blades of doors, replacement of drivers and other items at the door.
  • 12 months warranty on replaced parts.

Repair team of Asenovtsi Ltd. is composed of highly qualified experts specializing in the repair of different brands, equipped with all necessary equipment, spare parts and specialized transport and can remove faults, difficulties in the operation or perform maintenance of the facility. In addition to repair and maintenance our customers can get tips for proper maintenance and operation, repair or replacement of parts, installing automatic drive, insertion or unification of remote controls and systems for access control, alarm and safety.