Protection systems for goods, inventory and control

Systems for protection of goods, inventory and control


EAS systems are excellent products for protection and reducing of losses in the shops. They are ideally suited for the protection of various products in supermarkets, shopping centers, shops, pharmacies, bookstores, libraries and other outlets where access is free. The use of these security systems enables companies to significantly reduce losses from theft and to keep to a minimum costs for personnel engaged in the protection of goods outlets. They are developed, based on the latest RFID technology guarantee high reliability and sensitivity. The frequency of different EAS systems is 1.81 MHz, 1.95 MHz, 1.98 MHz, 2.1 MHz, 3.2 MHz, 4.6 MHz, 4.83 MHz, 5.1 MHz for detection tags /buttons/ and 8.2MHz or 10.5MHz for detection tags and labels. Easy to use EAS systems work with a variety of labels, tags, soft and hard, and are able to work simultaneously on two frequencies. This provides more opportunities for protection.


Protection systems for products can be installed and to be effective in different output areas with different widths.

They are composed of antennas - transmitter and receiver, mounted at the exit of the premises or the cash exit zone.


Using these systems:


  • significantly reduced losses from theft of goods
  • leads to direct savings in labor costs
  • eliminate the subjective factor in the protection of the goods



Instrument for marking of goods /tags or labels/, falling in the area of detection of the antennas, they broadcast signals with a frequency which is accepted by the antenna receiver, which activated the alarm.
Solid markers /tags/ - plastic buttons that are used repeatedly. Attached to the product, through a needle or wire rope, suitable for garments, shoes, bags, bottles.
Deactivator for labels. Deactivate labels on paid goods. It consists of an antenna, power supply and an electronic unit.
Magnetic wrench for removing of tags.
Handheld detector for detecting markers, works at a distance of 30 cm.
Radio-frequency systems for the protection of goods

Acousto-magnetic systems for protection of goods

Electromagnetic systems to protect goods

HF inventory systems and controls

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